Leak Detection


Pool Leak Detection in Celina, Texas

Don’t let your money drain away due to an undiagnosed leak. With our specialist pool leak detection services, we can quickly identify and repair any leaks in your pool structure or equipment.

It’s normal in summertime for water levels to naturally fluctuate, which need the occasional top up during these warmer months. However, if water loss is excessive then this is when leak detection services are needed. 

Our non-invasive service will swiftly pinpoint the location and cause of the unordinary water loss, keeping costs and disruption to a minimum. Using cutting-edge technology and accurate detection methods, you can rest assured in a precise and fast resolution to any leak.

What Are the Signs of a Pool Leak?

The main signs of a pool leak include: 

  • Water level changes outside of ordinary summer fluctuations
  • Algae growth 
  • Cracked tiles 
  • Wet patches in the yard
  • Standing water around equipment 
  • Unusually high water bills 

If you suspect a leak, then please talk to a specialist detection team, such as the experts here at Hauk.

Pool Leak Repair in Celina, Texas

In addition to crafting custom pools for our clients, we also provide a stellar pool service including leak detection and pool leak repair. Thanks to our all-encompassing service, we understand the ins and outs of a pool, allowing us to precisely spot issues and remedy them. This saves you money, hassle, and ultimately decreases the chance and extent of property damage. 

Suspect a leak? Get in touch with our experts today.

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